Located in the inspirational Southern Appalachian Mountains, The North Carolina Arboretum cultivates connections between people and plants through creative expressions of landscape stewardship, including:

  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Garden Demonstration
  • Research
  • Economic Development



The North Carolina Arboretum promotes the stewardship and enjoyment of the wealth of plant life within the Southern Appalachians through world-renowned gardens demonstrating cultivated and natural landscapes. A dedicated professional and volunteer staff creates innovative experiences, fosters regional and global partnerships, and stimulates economic opportunities. The Arboretum honors and preserves the unique cultural and natural heritage of the region.


Insight:  We are knowledgeable about plants and work to teach others about their importance.
Authenticity:   We plan and work thoughtfully and carefully with respect to our regional landscape and culture.
Responsibility:   We develop, communicate, interpret and support the importance of plants to our world.