The NC Arboretum Heritage Garden exhibits and demonstrates plants used in the multi-million dollar craft industry of Western North Carolina.

Areas of craft demonstrated in this exhibit include: dye making, basketmaking, hand papermaking and broommaking.

More than 85 plant genera are grown and used in classes and workshops. Craft groups may by request harvest plants for use and collect propagative material for beginning craft source gardens of their own.

The Economic Impact of the Craft Industry in Western North Carolina

The current estimated economic impact of the craft industry in Western North Carolina of $206,533,599 for 2007 represents an approximate $84,517,600 increase over the $122,000,000 economic impact originally computed in 1995 - an increase of 69%.

This total impact is the economic impact sum of:  craft consumer tourism, craft artisan direct sales, craft gallery and shop sales, craft educators, craft orgainzations and the craft supplier and publisher impacts.

Assuming an average 3% per year inflation rate over the first 12 years (36%) then the adjusted economic impact growth is about 33% or about 2.75% per year industry growth rate (adjusted for inflation).

This increased economic impact is somewhat attributable to the increased size of the professional arts producers who have grown from 739 in 1995 to 2,200 presently, representing about a 198% increase over that time period.  Producers represent crafts like:  metal, wood, ceramics, jewelry, glass, fiber and basketry.




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