Green Industry

The green industry across North Carolina is a huge part of the economic and environmental success of our state. Across North Carolina the green industry is comprised of various companies and organizations providing products, services, education, and resources that keep NC green and beautiful.

Our Plant and Garden Supply Sources listing includes many retail sources in 22 western North Carolina counties.  Thank you to the NC Cooperative Extension Service for providing assistance with the preparation of this listing. The North Carolina Green Industry Council indicates that the green industry adds $8.6 billion and 151,982 jobs to the state's economy annually.

The North Carolina Arboretum is a green industry partner exhibiting the newest and best plants, demonstrating best practices in landscape systems distributing horticultural marketing and promotional materials, educating professional landscape and horticulture workers through garden exhibits and the Plant Professional Landscape Garden, and hosting regular professional lectures.

The North Carolina Arboretum hosts annual symposia for the traditional Green Industry.

The 2014 Horticulture Industry IPM Symposium offered programs and the newest research practices for scouting and using integrated pest management for pest control in landscapes and in production greenhouses and nurseries. Attendees represented a variety of green industry professionals including landscape, garden, greenhouse, small farm, national park service, university and garden center sector representatives.

Speakers at this year's symposium included Robin Rosetta, Oregon State University, Ron Valentine, BioBest USA, Matt Bouboulis, North Creek Nursery, Andrew Loyd, Bartlett Tree Diagnostic Laboratories, Juang-Horng (JC) Chong, Clemson University, Craig Adkins, N. C. Cooperative Extension Service and Sarah Jandricic, N. C. State University.

Partners in the conference were Biobest USA, Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park, Carolina Farm Credit, Jesse Israel and Sons Garden Center, K2 Irrigation Services, The N. C. Commercial Flower Growers Association, and The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.