Seasonal Landscape Exhibits

The Seasonal Landscape Exhibits program is an annual design, plant production and gardening effort to showcase the newest and best plant introductions as well as some of the tried and true garden performers. This exhibit program under the direction of the design and horticulture staff brings new plants each year into garden exhibits.

Designs are completed ten to twelve months in advance of the exhibit season to allow time for plant production. Over 90% of the plants shown are grown by the production manager and staff. Seasonal landscape exhibits include: the signature Quilt Garden planted seasonally in floral representations of a traditional quilt block pattern. The pattern changes every two years with seasonal changes for spring, summer and fall occuring annually, over 100 container gardens, and the entrance into the Dickinson Holly Garden.


The Quilt Garden

Look for an early spring planting of the signature Quilt Garden.

Spring containers help welcome in a new gardening year featuring plants and bulbs that will withstand cool temperatures and light repeated frosts. These plants are tough enough to stand up to the last days of winter and the fluctuations in temperature. Look for new viola mixes and lots of spring bulbs in containers and in garden areas!


As the summer season transitions to fall explore in the gardens to find cool season vegetables alongside the traditional fall garden chrysanthemum varieties.  Fall leaf color takes centerstage and gardens mature to complete the show!