**Birthday parties have limited availability through the end of the year. The program will be discontinued at the start of 2018.

Birthday parties at The North Carolina Arboretum feature a guided outdoor lesson of your choice (see themes below) as well as private use of the Arboretum’s EcoLab classroom for your celebration.

Birthday Party Themes

  • Creature Power Party: The Arboretum’s classroom animals have a whole host of cool abilities and adaptations. Come face to face with these critters before you venture outside to play creature games and seek out some of the animals that call the Arboretum home. Recommended for children ages five to ten.
  • Whimsical Woodlands: The Arboretum’s forest is home to many wonderful animals, but who else may call them home? Enjoy an enchanted outdoor experience while delving into the magical world of fairies. Learn about fairies of the spring, summer, autumn or winter and build whimsical fairy or gnome homes with natural materials found in the woodlands. Recommended for children ages three to seven.
  • Survival Challenge: Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild? The Arboretum’s “Survival Challenge” themed birthday party allows children to learn about hazardous wildlife, how to explore in the woods and the basics of survival in the outdoors. Building shelters with found materials before a pretend rainstorm is sure to be a hit! Recommended for children ages seven to ten.

Birthday parties are available on select Saturdays only and include two hours for your party, as well as 30 minutes prior for setup and 30 minutes afterward to clean up.

For more information about birthday parties, contact Michelle Pearce, Youth Education Coordinator, at 828-665-2492 ext. 624.