Eco-Adventure Birthdays

Celebrate your Birthday with an Adventure at the Arboretum!



If you're looking for something more adventurous for your child's birthday party, the Arboretum is your ticket to a fun and safe celebration that everyone will remember.  Our birthday parties feature 15 minutes of classroom discovery time, a one hour guided program of your choice, and 45 minutes for your cake and gift celebration.  All programs are led by an enthusiastic environmental educator and take place in our interactive children's classroom as well as outside along the trails, creeks, pond, gardens and woodlands of our 434-acre campus.

Our Party Themes include:

  • Woodland Wildlife:  Junior wildlife biologists will be thrilled by hands-on reptile and amphibian demonstrations, a wildlife match-up game, and a guided wildlife walk.
  • Survival Challenge!:  Children embark on a short hike along the Arboretum's trails as we learn how to build survival shelters, learn basic survival skills, and discuss hazardous wildlife.
  • Insect Investigator:  Participants get up close and personal with our collection of live invertebrates in the classroom, then head out to discover the amazing insects that call our pond, fields and woodlands home. 

NEW FOR 2015-16!

  • Creature Power Party!:  Animals have a whole host of cool adaptations and survival strategies. In this program we'll meet some of the Arboretum's classroom creatures, play creature power-themed games and explore the Arboretum's new traveling exhibit! (September through December, Robot Zoo; January through May 15, Wild Survival: Wolves and Peregrine Falcons).


Birthday parties are available on Saturdays at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.  One adult for every 10 children are required to attend the guided program.  Familes may arrive 30 minutes prior to the party to decorate tables, chairs and the chalkboard (for the ecological reasons, no balloons please!).  A maximum of 20 participating children and 15 adults may attend.  Parking fees are waived for all participants.

Cost:  Includes a birthday gift for the child.  All parties are available to Arboretum members at $140.00 or $160.00 for the general public. Parties for multiple birthday children must pay an additional $10.00/gift for additional gifts.

Please note- parents must supply all food-related items including a cake knife, cups, plates, etc.  A refrigerator is available for your use, but no freezer space is available.

Want to schedule an Eco-Adventure Birthday?  Contact Michelle Pearce, Youth Education Coordinator at (828) 665-2492 ext. 224.