Outdoor Exhibits & Classrooms

Photo by Michael OppenheimThe Arboretum's 434 acres abound with outdoor exhibits and classroom spaces, but visitors might not recognize them as such since they are so beautiful! From the oldest exhibit, the Plants of Promise Garden to the newly established site improvements at the Baker Exhibit Center, the landscape exhibits at The NC Arboretum contain: plant collections, site solutions for some of the toughest landscapes, beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs, common plants used in uncommon ways, old favorites and newly introduced species, native plants and improved cultivated varieties of native plants, plants for sun and shade - the exhibits are endless!

All these well-labeled plants are set in beautifully designed spaces featuring creative and tried and true landscape materials, local and regional art, local craftsmanship and memorable places. Join us for an informal walk, lecture or demonstration or plant show sometime to learn in nature!