“There are realms in the plant world far beyond the wildest imaginations...”

A new exhibit Bizarre Botanicals, takes visitors on a curious scientific journey of some of the weirdest and most wonderfully strange survival adaptations in the plant kingdom.

Available beginning summer 2014. 

The book “Bizarre Botanicals” was written by Paula Gross, assistant director of the University of North Carolina Charlotte Botanical Gardens; and Larry Mellichamp, professor of botany and horticulture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte; with a forward by Tony Avent, horticultural explorer and founder/proprietor of Plant Delights Nursery. Timber Press.


Exhibit Information Overview

 Bizarre Botanicals: The Exhibit features over 45 astonishing plants that have extraordinary abilities — from pyrotechnic spores that can burst into flame when ignited to flowers that lure insects and mammals to their deaths.

Both the young and the seasoned scientist will be amazed by these stories of sex, death, and botanical wizardry. Discover the science and puzzling array of trickery, mimicry, weaponry and attraction in the strangest, most amazing and bizarre plants on earth.



2,500 Square Feet


   Requires a minimum of 2,500 sq. ft.

   Over 32 exhibits: hands-on interactive exhibits ~ table top units

   Instruction Manual and technical support

   Teachers Guide and Floor Staff Training Guide

   Media Kit


Cost & Terms of Rental


$25,000 / 3-Month Rental 


   Rental fee is $25,000 for a 3 month booking; double bookings are available at a discount

   Shipped in on 48 ft. truck

   $5,000 deposit required upon booking

   3 day installation and takedown