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Educator Guides

The Educator Guides below include suggestions for connecting your curriculum through pre-visit preparation activities, guiding questions and activities to use during your field trip, and ideas for building on the experience back at school after your visit. Educator Guides are offered to assist with lesson plans on plant biology and health benchmarks and tie standardized curriculum goals to your museum field trip visit.  Throughout the various guides you will find activites from plant biology basics to the complex and amazing survival strategies adapted and created by plants as found in the exhibit. Activities have been correlated to the National Science Standards at the K-4 and 5-8 grade levels and to the Next Generation Science Standards for grades K - 8. 

We hope the ideas, activities, and suggestions will help you make the most of your educational visi to the exhibit
Untamed Science
Untamed Science is a non-profit video production company who partners with like-minded organizations to make anything from museum displays to hosted, feature-length adventure documentaries. The Untamed Science team nowcalls North Carolina home and has recently partnered with The North Carolina Arboretum's Exhibit Curator to helpcreate an amazing learning experience in the exhibit and on the web. Check out the videos produced for the exhibit,the weekly current science videos, and more at UntamedScience.com.
Find out even more about the world's worst weeds - like Hydrila, Kudzu, and Water Hyacinth. Learn about other strange plant stories - like how eating corn has led to the legend of vampires! Delve deeper via untamedscience.com/wickedplant or follow their work on ITunes, Twitter and Facebook.