We encourage members and guests to take photos for personal use while visiting the Arboretum. However, the permit authorizing The North Carolina Arboretum to occupy National Forest system lands does not give the Arboretum the authority to allow for other commercial activities on National Forest land. This includes any photography/videography services for which a fee is paid, as well as photography/videography that is sold. Special use permits, granted by the United States Forest Service, are required to conduct any photography considered commercial in nature. Please visit the National Forests in North Carolina website or call the Pisgah Ranger District at (828) 877-3265 for more information regarding permitting. All commercial/professional photographers must comply by seeking a permit.

When photographing, please observe the following:

Staging a photo shoot during a wedding or other event is strictly forbidden.

Staging a photo shoot inside buildings including the Bonsai Exhibition Garden is strictly forbidden.

Parking is not allowed in turnaround drives in front of the Education Center or Baker Exhibit Center.

Changing of garments in public restrooms is discouraged.

The Arboretum is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Stay on pathways and trails – no stepping into landscape beds and garden areas.

Do not pick or touch plants.

Do not stand in or on water features.

Be considerate to other garden visitors.