The North Carolina Arboretum Society’s

Monthly Giving Group

Help the Arboretum reach its full potential by signing up for the Arboretum Society’s new monthly giving program, the Perennials. For as little as $5 per month, you can provide an automated stream of funding to support Arboretum projects and programs year-round, including seasonal plantings, trail work, facility upgrades, youth programs and more. We are open every day of the year, serving thousands of children, families and adults every week. Your monthly donation will sustain and grow the Arboretum in countless ways.

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How Your Donations Help

Here are just a few examples of how your monthly donation can help:

  • $5 pays to feed and maintain our youth education classroom animals for a day
  • $10 pays for 200 doggie poo bags to keep the trails and gardens clean
  • $15 pays for a pack of seeds to grow plants for our seasonal garden exhibits
  • $25 pays for wood chips for 40 feet of trail
  • $50 pays for beneficial insects to control pests in the greenhouse and limit pesticide usage

Choose your gift amount, and make an impact every month!

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How it Works

Your gift will be processed on the fifth day of each month. In December each year, we will send you an official summary of your monthly donations for tax purposes. As a monthly donor, you will also receive a short monthly e-blast highlighting a project made possible through monthly donations.

Please note that your monthly donations are separate from membership donations and will not affect your membership status in any way. Using the monthly giving program to establish or renew your membership or pay for a gift membership is not an option.

You can increase or decrease your monthly giving – or opt out – at any time; please call us at (828) 665-2492 or email us at to adjust your level of participation.

Thank you!