Bonsai as Fine Art

Blue Spiral 1 Art Gallery and The North Carolina Arboretum

June 2 11, 2023


Bonsai comes indoors and heads downtown to Blue Spiral 1 for an extraordinary ten-day “Bonsai as Fine Art” exhibition, the first of its kind in Asheville. The show includes 20 works by professional bonsai artists and members of the Blue Ridge Bonsai Society shown in rotation every five days. Bonsai are displayed alongside paintings and other artworks from artists represented by Blue Spiral 1 as part of its longer-running “Beyond the Horizon” show.  

Special events and educational programs are planned during the run of the “Bonsai as Fine Art” exhibition, both at Blue Spiral and The North Carolina Arboretum. A culminating weekend at the Arboretum offers special events, a vendor market, and educational programs for visitors. Visitors can also enjoy the seasonal exhibit on display in the Bonsai Exhibition Garden, where fine art, landscape design, and horticultural skill come together to highlight the Arboretum’s renowned and regionally-inspired bonsai collection.

Events Schedule

The North Carolina Arboretum

Education Center

Saturday, June 10 – Sunday, June 11

9 am – 5 pm 

  • Vendor Area Open. Offering for sale bonsai, bonsai pots, tools and accessories.
  • Bonsai Pottery Invitational Exhibition.  Featuring works by well-known Bonsai Potters with a selection of works for sale.
  • Bonsai Exhibit.  Blue Ridge Bonsai Society. Showing a selection of bonsai and kusamono trained by club members.
  • Educational Videos. Featuring Arthur Joura, bonsai curator of The North Carolina Arboretum, and Bjorn Bjorholm, professional bonsai artist and educator. 


Special Events at the Arboretum

Saturday, June 10, 9 am: Curator’s Tour of the Bonsai Exhibition Garden. Pre-registered attendees only: Register here.

Saturday, June 10, 11:00 am:  “Transforming Plant Material into Fine Art.” Bonsai Styling Demonstration by bonsai artist Bjorn Bjorholm. Pre-registered attendees only: Register here

Saturday, June 10, 3:00 – 5:00 pm:  Live and Silent Auction. Selected bonsai from the Arboretum’s collection will be auctioned.  Proceeds support the Bonsai Program at The North Carolina Arboretum. Registration will take place onsite. 

Sunday, June 11, 9 am: Curator’s Tour of the Bonsai Exhibition Garden. Pre-registered attendees only: Register here.

To purchase the “Bonsai as Fine Art” Commerative Album visit:

Standard gate fees apply for Non-Arboretum Members. Arboretum gates open 8 am to 9 pm, daily. 


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