Your Donation Matters

Your donation is vital — no matter the amount. By contributing to The North Carolina Arboretum Society, YOU are helping to:

  • Plant thousands of flowers, shrubs and trees in our ever-changing landscapes and gardens.
  • Improve 10+ miles of hiking and biking trails situated in 400 acres of protected forest.
  • Educate 27,000+ students in the greatest classroom of all — nature.
  • Inspire 5,000+ lifelong learners to explore topics in gardening, nature, health, the arts and more.

When you join the Arboretum Society or donate at the link below, you are also helping people from all walks of life connect to the natural world and re-discover themselves outdoors. The Arboretum is proud to provide this resource in our community, and as a direct supporter of our projects or programs, you can take pride, too. Thank you for helping us bring the Arboretum to everyone!

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The Special Benefits of Donating Stock

When you donate stock, you provide crucial support for The North Carolina Arboretum Society, while also receiving additional tax benefits that you cannot receive with a cash gift.

Advantages of stock gifts to The North Carolina Arboretum Society include:

  • Income tax charitable deduction for the entire current value of the stock on the date it is donated (if you itemize, and subject to current IRS regulations).
  • Deduction of the full current value of the stock that you donate, not the amount you originally paid for it.
  • You will not have to pay any capital gains tax on the donated assets (if they have been held for more than one year).

You can make a larger gift at a lower cost. For these reasons, a gift of appreciated securities may be one of the best and most impactful ways for you to support The North Carolina Arboretum Society. Consult your financial planner for additional details.

How to Donate Stock

If you have publicly traded securities held electronically in a brokerage account, you can transfer them by wire through the Depository Trust Company (DTC) to our brokerage account.

To arrange this transfer, notify your broker of your intention to make a gift of securities to The North Carolina Arboretum Society. Be sure to tell them the name of the stock that you want to transfer and the number of shares.

Also, please inform your broker of the following information about where to send the donated securities:

Brokerage: Wells Fargo

Phone: 828-232-3799

DTC #: 0141

Account Name: The North Carolina Arboretum Society

Account #: 7267-4275

Tax ID #: 56-1712373

Prior to your transaction, please let us know of your intention to donate stock, so that we may alert our broker and ensure that your generosity is acknowledged accurately and promptly. Please include your name, complete mailing address, and the name and number of shares of the stock that you are donating. Upon confirming the asset transfer, we will provide you with a formal tax receipt of your contribution. In accordance with federal laws, the gift will be valued at the average of the high and low prices of the stock on the date that we receive it.

Support What You Love

Your unrestricted gift to The North Carolina Arboretum Society’s Annual Fund helps support all of the Arboretum’s projects, programs and staff. You can also choose to direct your gift towards:

  • Adult Education
  • Bonsai Program
  • Trails
  • Volunteer Endowment
  • Youth Education
  • And so much more!

Click the link below to donate to the Arboretum’s Annual Fund or to choose a specific program area to support. YOU have a real impact at the Arboretum every day. Thank you, again!

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