The Arboretum’s Education Center, Baker Exhibit Center and main garden areas are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available for visitors to borrow at no charge from the Education Center and the Baker Exhibit Center, open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. If you have a special request or question, please contact the Arboretum at 828-665-2492.

View Accessibility Map Here

Caregiver’s Pass

Caregivers can request a special complimentary Caregiver’s Pass in order to assist a person with a disability who has purchased a ticket for a special event or class, such as Winter Lights or an Adult Education class. To request a Caregiver’s Pass, please email the Arboretum at or call 828-665-2492. This offer does not apply to the regular daytime parking fees, which apply to each vehicle, not to the occupants of the vehicle.